TN Visa Helps CFO Manage Business Across Borders

Background: Our client is a privately owned global manufacturing company headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. The company has a U.S. subsidiary with multiple locations.   The CFO is a Canadian citizen who works at the company’s headquarters in Toronto. He is a … Continue reading

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“Is There an “Analyst” or “Consultant” Occupation under NAFTA?

From reading a client’s correspondence and after reviewing his employee’s resume, I found that her degree was from a university in Mexico. This means that when she filed her first TN, she must have submitted a degree evaluation, showing her … Continue reading

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Canadian Speech Therapist Obtains a TN Visa Based on Job Duties, NOT Job Title

Background: Our client was a Speech Therapist who wanted to work in the U.S. and live here with her husband. She was offered a position with a private school that provides mental health services for children and adolescents with physical, … Continue reading

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Proving the Employer-Employee Relationship

Employers who want to hire foreign workers or transfer current foreign workers to the     U.S. must prove an Employer-Employee relationship and should be aware of     several issues that may arise if not addressed at the beginning of the     … Continue reading

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Medical Inadmissibility and How You May be Able to Visit the United States

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U.S. immigration law deems individuals with certain medical conditions and substance dependency as “medically inadmissible” and will not allow them to enter the country.  The government classifies these conditions and dependencies as “Class A” medical conditions.  Class A medical conditions … Continue reading

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Hiring Well-Rounded Employees for Start-Ups under the H-1B Visa

Traditionally, in order to qualify for an H1-B visa, an individual must be hired by a U.S. employer to fulfill a “specialty occupation.”  In order for an employee to qualify for the specialty occupation for which he or she was … Continue reading

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Green Card for an American Indian Born in Canada

My story today is one of hope and faith that the American dream still exists and is within reach to those who believe in it. It is truly a story of faith for a woman named “Faith.” When Faith was … Continue reading

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The Importance of Priority Dates and How They Work

Trying to figure out your immigration priority date can often be very confusing for anyone who doesn’t have extensive knowledge with how the government sets up these dates and what it bases them on. In general, if you are a … Continue reading

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First Gay Married Man Is Approved for a Green Card

Same-sex couples are already seeing the immigration benefits after the Supreme Court struck down DOMA.  Friday, an American man living in Florida with his Bulgarian husband, were notified that their petition for a green card was approved. The green card … Continue reading

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Demise of DOMA Finally Brings Marriage Equality to Immigration

Yesterday, in a groundbreaking 5-4 decision, the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), making it unconstitutional.  Now same sex couples can receive the same federal benefits as straight couples. The ruling will now allow immigration agencies … Continue reading

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